54321 Tamil Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections

54321 Tamil Movie Review Rating

Latest Tamil Film 54321 has been Released today. 54321 is written and directed by Debutant Director Raghavendra Prasad.It is a psychological thriller film. The film stars Shabbir, Aarvin and Pavithra in lead characters.The other cast includes Rohini, Pasanga Sivakumar and Ravi Raghavendra. Joshua Sridhar composed music for the film. Here we bring you 54321 Tamil Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections to know whether this psychopathic film stands as hit or flop.

54321 Tamil Movie Review 

54321 Movie Review
54321 Movie Review

There was a story behind the concept of the film. Director Raghavendra Prasad when he is working for the film Pizza with Karthik Subbaraj in 2006 got this story plot. Pizza was based on American-Mexican-French film Babel. So at the same time director thought of a story and finally he made it. The film was title 54321 due to the story theme that spins around 5 people. The film is about their 4 ways of life, 3 murders, and the 1 revenge form the story in 2 hours duration.

54321 Tamil Movie Public Talk

Raghavendra Prasad directed the 54321 in a fresh manner. What all he had in his mind is visually presented on the screen. Everyone will be impressed by the thrilling elements in the movie. The audience get scared in few scenes. There will be slight curiosity and tension in audience faces while the lead characters try to solve a murder mystery. Finally, climax stands as highlight where all the suspense will be revealed. But sometimes movie watching people can keep guessing what happens in the next scene. Check 54321 Tamil Movie Review Rating here.

54321 Tamil Movie Cast & Crew
Movie 54321
Director Ragavendra Prasad
Production Company MainsStream Productions
Producer G.V. Kannan
Written by Ragavendra Prasad
Music Joshua Sridhar
Star cast Rohini
Ravi Raghavendra
Cinematography Banu Murugan
Edited by M.R. Rejeesh
Distributed by Filmorama Sameer Bharath Ram
Running time 120 minutes
Release Date 26 August 2016
Language Tamil

54321 Movie Story

The story revolves around 5 People who have 4 different Lifestyles. The lead characters confront 3 Murders in a blink of an eye. The mysterious Murder suspense is revealed in 2 Hours. The story also contains a track of one Revenge drama. The story spins around five people who have a connection between them through life circumstances planned in a house. 54321 is a psychopath thriller will little horrifying elements. People who love to watch crime thrillers, suspense and mysterious films can definitely be entertained. On the whole movie, positive talk depends on the audience as the movie can only entertain crime movie watchers. Look at 54321 Tamil Movie Review Rating.

54321 Tamil Movie Review & Rating : 2.5/5

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