How To Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Feature On Android Smartphone

Activate Whatsapp  Video Calling Feature On Android 

WhatsApp Features always attempt to attract all its users in millions. Presently Whatsapp App thought of one great feature that is WhatsApp Video Calling. As of now WhatsApp has not updated video calling feature but rather still it is the top most messenger everywhere throughout the world. All the Android users are searching entire web to download most recent WhatsApp video calling Apk and attempting to Activate Video Call Feature on their Smartphones.

How To Activate Whatsapp Video Calling Android Phones

WhatsApp initiated voice calling feature with new Whatsapp Apk variant. Voice calling feature began with android. In the coming days likewise it is going to get initiated to iOS/iPhone, blackberry, windows, Bada and java. A Large number of users has come up with many issues on this WhatsApp voice calling an upgrade. You can utilize WhatsApp all alone at your PC or Laptop. WhatsApp designers unveiled WhatsApp web variant after voice calling. For improved performance, you can utilize WhatsApp on Firefox or Google Chrome of Laptop or Computer.


Enable Whatsapp Video Call On Android

WhatsApp designer’s chipping away at voice calling issues. Subsequent to settling all issues they are desiring to propel video call feature with new WhatsApp Apk. WhatsApp video calling update launch dates will be reported soon.

WhatsApp to Roll On Video-Calling Feature On Android

Android users ensure your android version must be substantially agreeing to video call update. Windows PCGuide service provider anticipating a couple of android variants which bolster WhatsApp video calling for android with no doubt.

How To Activate WhatsApp Video Calling 

Open WhatsApp main website and enroll as a beta tester for First WhatsApp. For further steps to permit the Video Call in Whatsapp, the user has to download latest variant WhatsApp apk.

  • Most importantly open Whatsapp official Website and sign in as the beta tester for WhatsApp.
  • For further steps to enable WhatsApp application video call, the user needs to free download New WhatsApp Apk version from the official site.
  • Step by step Instructions :
  • Download Latest WhatsApp APK from Official WhatsApp Web Portal.
  • After download, the user needs to install it on your Android Smartphone or PC or Laptop.
  • Ask any of your friends to video call back to you to enable/activate video calling feature on your phone.
  • Ensure your Friend must have already had this video calling feature on WhatsApp messenger.
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WhatsApp Video Calling Procedure:
  • The principal thing is to get the Latest Version of WhatsApp. In case that you have already installed WhatsApp, please move up to the Latest Version
  • This feature needs the Invitation to ask any of your Friend who has already had this feature on his/her WhatsApp to call you.
  • Reboot your android phone and you need to have WhatsApp video calling Enabled.


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