Ajay Devgan Faces Bitter Experience In Bihar, Angry Mob Hurl Chappal

There is a distinctive difference between playing a political leader in Prakash Jha’s Raajneeti and attempting to get the group to hear him out in Bihar. Hotshot Ajay Devgan learnt this the most difficult way possible, when on Friday a chappal was heaved at Devgn’s parade as it advances toward a political rally in Lakhisarai. On Friday Devgan had been welcomed to the state by the BJP for a four-town visit in Parbatta, Jhajha, Lakhisarai and Rajauli.

Ajay Devgan bitter experience in Bihar

The eager crowd got fretful and crazy at the rally in Lakhisarai. Devgn fled the rally without making his practiced speech. Later flew back to Mumbai on a chopper very soon. A BJP source said,

“It was wrong of them to ask Ajay to campaign for the Bihar elections. Ajay is not an orator. Nor is he comfortable with public interaction.What does he know about Bihar’s politics? One can’t just persuade stars to stand up and recommend candidates like that. It is unfair to them.”

One thing can be said without a doubt, we won’t see Devgn in Bihar sooner rather than future unless his friend Prakash Jha welcomes him to shoot for Raajneeti 2. Also, that is impossible on the grounds that Jha never shoots any of his Bihar movies in the state. More than any other person, he knows how uncontrollably excited swarms can get in inside of Bihar.