Amazon Kindle Oasis Specifications Features Price In India

Kindle, the e-commerce giant launched Kindle e-reader. Presently the company is wagering that its smooth casing and a spread that serves as a rechargeable battery will draw in devoted digital book clients to its eighth era gadget, called the Kindle Oasis at Rs 23,999.

Amazon explicates the this Latest Kindle is 30 percent more slender and 20 percent lighter than past Kindles. It’s additionally uneven, with a hold on one side for one-handed reading ie., Lefties can simply flip the gadget over.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Price in India Rs 23,999

Kindle Oasis
Kindle Oasis

The e-reader has encountered a couple plot turns since Amazon presented the first Kindle in 2007. Deals surged for a couple of years, yet begun leveling off around 2012 as e-readers developed more ordinary. They even dunked marginally in 2013 however then rose 3.8 percent to $3.37 billion dollars in 2014, as indicated by the latest details available from the Association of American Publishers.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Kindle New E-Reader Invention Kindle Oasis Launches In India

In spite of the fact that the business sector has developed, it’s still a developing category for Amazon says company. In the interim, Amazon has launched various different devices that involve it’s Kindle Fire tablets, Echo smart speaker., Fire TV gushing stick and set top box.

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Slim E-Reader Kindle Oasis Features

The committed e-readers drive e-book deals at Amazon. They can likewise serve as an assistance that attracts people to different merchandise and sales on Amazon, including its Prime membership design.

R.W. Baird analyst Colin Sebastian said, On the off chance that you get a Kindle and read a book, in the end that may decipher into watching Prime moment video recordings at instant, joining Prime, or purchasing a physical book.

Kindle Oasis Slim & Easy To Handle

Kindle Oasis Features Specifications Price Availability

  • Model : Amazon Kindle Oasis
  • Display : 6.0-inch Paper white display with E Ink Carta technology, built-in light and Optimized font technology
  • Pixel density: 300 ppi (pixels per inch)
  • Storage : 4GB
  • Battery life : A single charge with cover that pertain to eight weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless off and the light setting at 10.
  • Types : Wi-Fi only & Wi-Fi + 3G
  • Turnpage button : Yes
  • Dimensions : 143 x 122 x 3.4-8.5 mm
  • Weight : Wi-Fi : 131 g
  • Wi-Fi + Free 3G : 133 g
  • Price : $289.99 (€257/Rs 23,999)