App Based Cabs Considered As Just Another Taxi Service

For all taxi aggregators working in India government has arranged model rules for considering them as taxi suppliers and not simply technology terrace. On Monday road transport and highways secretary Vijay Chibber mentioned that App based taxi aggregators ought to be dealt with as ordinary taxi operators and not as digital technology developer. They cannot conceal behind the attire of being a technology organization.

App based cabs as just another taxi service

For long, taxi players like Ola, TaxiForSure and Uber have been attempting to push their case as technology stages, contending that the standards for ordinary cab operators don’t have any significant bearing to them. The taxi aggregators will be approached to have standard security safety features for women and employing on clean fuel will be made compulsory. The standards set by states for taxis like a color code will likewise be material for such operators.

As of now the government of Delhi has already been requesting that Ola and Uber keep running on clean fuel and to conform to city’s radio taxi scheme. At international road federation meeting Chibber said, we have likewise arranged guidelines for states, which will eliminate any confusion air for them to frame their own particular rules that must be tried by taxi aggregators. The guidelines were signed by transport, highways and road Minister Nitin Gadkari and narrated that notwithstanding our endeavors, the road safety bill couldn’t be presented in Parliament. The Act falls in the domain of simultaneous rundown. Distinctive anterooms are there, who are contradicting the bill.