Australian Man Harassed In Bangalore Over Hindu goddess Tattoo

On Saturday a group of individuals hassled an Australian couple at a restaurant notwithstanding threatening to skin the young men leg, for wearing the tattoo of Hindu goddess Yellamma on his shin. Their experience did not end there as the city police confined them as well as constrained the man to apologize to the group for harming their religious sentiments.

Australian man harassed in Bangalore

This incident took place around 2 pm where 21 year old Matthew Gordon and his 20 year old girlfriend Emily Kassianou from Melbourne captured by the group. Gordon said,

“One of them came to me and confronted me about my tattoo. Soon, they surrounded us and threatened to skin my leg and remove the tattoo. A policeman arrived and said this is India and one couldn’t sport such a tattoo on the leg.”

Mr. Gordon, the Australian who was stood up to by a group of nearby people at a restaurant for donning a goddess tattoo on his shin, his girlfriend Emily Kassianou, both from Melbourne and their local friend Abhishek were taken to the Ashok Nagar police station. The Australian couple were supposedly given a ‘dressing-down’ and a ‘lesson on Hindu values’ by the police officers before group that is protesting. Mr. Gordon said, the policemen exhorted me on Hindu religion and insisted to give a written apology of regret for not covering my goddess tattoo, even as the gathering just viewed. I tried to workout with law points yet finally needed to give in as my girlfriend was in tears as the cops wouldn’t release us.