Automated Selfie Stick With Fan Flash Buy Online Price In India

Automated Selfie Stick Online Price : Now a days Selfie Stick is a common device used by every one. It is used to take selfies by keeping smartphones in an arm distance. This metal stick can be expandable by adjusting the clamp to hold the mobile phone. We also have Bluetooth option which helps to access it by remote. Now a new device has been implemented which is named as Automated Selfie Stick. The main feature of this device is, it is having fans and pare of lights attached to it. Another feature is, it extends on its own.

Automated Selfie Stick Online Price In India

Automated Selfie Stick
Automated Selfie Stick

Automated Selfie Stick with Wind Effect is presently not available in the market to purchase. This innovative idea was created by Thinkmodo. This device would probably be a next generation selfie stick. They had spent three months to design the Automated Selfie Stick which is featured with all the wiring’s that helps in auto extending the stick.¬†The weight of this device is little more compared to the presently using selfie sticks. There is one disadvantage for this device that is, this device only works with iPhone but not any other.

Intex Aqua View Specifications

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Automated Selfie Stick with Flash Light is connected to the smartphone that is only iPhone via Bluetooth. Fans which are present on the stick helps in blowing the hair. But it actually doesn’t work and this is just unreal. If still they are able to produce it but we cant imagine the cost and the weight of the device which is going to be high. Automated Selfie Stick which is seen in the below video is only for demo. Actually there are only devices manufactured, one is in the video and the other is backup for that. The stick is just built to promote Lifetime’s unreal.


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