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Baisakhi is the festival celebrated in Punjab and is the symbol for harvesting that is it is celebrated as harvest festival. Baisakhi is also well known as Vaasakhi or Vaishaki. According to Bikram Sambat Hindu calender Baisakh is the first month were Punjabis celebrate it as Punjabi New Year.

The festival Baisakhi is celebrated on 13th April in the remembrance of birth of the Khalsa. Sikhs also began to celebrate this Baisakhi after declaring Sahib as Guru by Gobind Singh Ji. They celebrate this festival on Gobind Singh’s birthday. People Worship God by visiting Gurudwar and also do prayers to provide them the best harvest season. They also read holy books in remembrance of the history.

In the year 1919 on Vaisakhi day, many people died at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar. This is due to British attack on protesters. In the past that is at the time of freedom movement, this disturbance is known as Jallianwala Massacre.

Baisakhi 2016 Greetings

Baisakhi greetings

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Baisakhi 2016 Wishes

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Happy Baisakhi

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