Barack Obama Enthusiastic On US Tie Ups With India

US President Barack Obama is very zealous about association with India. Obama is showing his passion on the anticipation of increased Indo-US collaboration such as investments in India and American companies economic growth. Recently he made his visit to India as Chief Guest on Republic Day to take part in celebrations. Both the nations are striving to exchange friendly collaboration through investments seeking an economic growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is keen about the investments which United States is planning to impart in the nation.

Indo-US collaboration

White House spokesperson Eric Schultz said,

“Generally speaking, in terms of the US-India partnership, which you’ve referenced, the President is very enthusiastic about the prospect of increased collaboration, increased economic growth for American companies, and investments in India.”

Schultz further said, the world’s economic growth will be priority to this US President and in many illustrations the substantiate itself will be investments in foreign countries. Scaling all this, Indian is positioned very high on the list.

In a response to a question Eric Schultz replied,

“You heard that from his recent trip there a few months ago. But just because he is not over there right now, that doesn’t mean we don’t have key members of our team working on this.”