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Barad Marathi Movie Review: Barad is a Latest Marathi film that is foreseen to be released on 10 June 2016. Barrad is all about barren land loaded with prolific dreams and is highly anticipated Marathi Movie by audience who are truly awed by the first look of the film. Barad Movie has been directed by Tanaji Mahadeo Ghagde and produced by surely well prominent film maker Devendra Kapadnis. Sandip Wadekar delivered music to the film. Know Barad Movie Review Rating Public Talk.

Barad Marathi Movie Review Rating

The banner under which the film is being delivered is Dream Merchant Studio that is said to have been tie ups with Bollywood films for quite a while. The main star cast of the movie incorporates Suhas Palshikar, Shahaji Kale, Sanjay Kulkarni, Nandkishor Chaughule, Ranjan Patil and Bharat Ganeshpure. Check Out Barad Movie Review Rating.

Barad Movie Review
Barad Movie Review

 Barad Marathi Movie Public Talk

Deven Kapadnis, he himself done the screenplay and story part. Mahesh Patil has done the Choreography work of the film and the earlier released trailers impressed all the audience. Kamal Chaupal and Surendra Singh Paraswan made the Cinematography work. Vasu Patil worked as Art Director. Abhijit Shriram Deo has dealt with the sound work, Prakash Nair had taken care of background score. The movie is completely a political drama that definitely touches the hearts of the viewers. The whole film unit has worked hard to make this movie and foresees to receive positive talk from public.

Barad Marathi Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Barad
Director Tanaji Mahadeo Ghadge
Writer Deven Kapadnis
Producer Devendra Kapadnis
Star Cast Bharat Ganeshpure, Suhas Palshikar, Rajan Patil, Nandkishor Choughule, Sanjay Kulkarni, Dhananjay Jamdar, Rohit Chavan, Ajay Tapkire, Vasu Patil, Srikant Badve, Shahaji Kale, Geeta Shinde, Kamal Thoke, Namrata Kudalkar, Sharvari Joshi
Music Rohan Rohan, Sandip Wadekar
Cinematography Surendra Singh Paraswan & Kamal Chaupal
Editor Pankaj Sapkale
Distribution Partner Ajay Phutane, AP communications
Release Date 10th June 2016

Barad Movie Story

Barad an infertile land of rich dreams Alkud (M) is small village in a Maharashtra with a cultivative economy and a basic simple life, similar to all other villages. All dream of urban way for living however the economy doesn’t permit. The story begins with a survey directed by a government agency at Bardi, the infertile land linking to the village. A village veteran, Anna, is called to stand as witness to the survey. Anna enquirers about the survey. The details given by the officer contains some difficult words in English.Anna and Appa attempt to finish up an meaning. As the don’t understand only guessing is the remaining option form them about the survey.

Only one person rules the area and plays the political games. Waghmare begins purchasing land in Alkud. His objective of 200 acres of land marks the speculation. The non-fertile and fruitless Bardi turns gold. The entire village will be disturbed with this. When this political game comes to an end the village lost its simplicity and human relationship of being. A person spreads all over the village which ignites the community thread. This plots the center of the story. It is a story commonly seen in the villages that has same situation over the world in their societies.

Barad Marathi Movie Review & Rating

Barad Marathi Movie Review Hit
Barad Marathi Movie Rating 3/5