Top 10 Best Messenger Apps 2023 In Google Play Store

Messenger apps are commonly known as chat applications or social messaging applications. Nowadays youth spend a lot of time using these messenger apps on their smartphones. By using these apps we can send messages, songs, videos, photos and also share location with others. All these messenger apps are attracted by youth very quickly. Some social networking services such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are providing messenger services. By using these social messenger apps we can share our information with others. As well as we can collect a lot of information from social media messenger apps. There is a lot of difference in normal messages and instant messages. By using normal messages we can send only text messages. But by using instant messages we can send text messages, photos, audios, videos and we can also share locations.

10 Best Messenger apps

10 Best Messenger Apps 2019


Texting apps are used for sending messages to others or receiving messages from others. By using this we can send a message within seconds. It is a very simple way to send messages to others. Within a fraction of time, we can send text, photos, audio, and videos by using best messenger apps. We have a lot of advantages from these messenger apps. We can easily communicate with each other in a fraction of seconds. By using this we can also save our time. We have many messenger apps, but according to their performances, features, and specifications, some of them are best. The top 10 best messenger apps 2023 are listed here:

  • Android Messages
  • Discord
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Telegram
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber Messenger
  • EvolveSMS
  • Pulse SMS

Android Messages

Android Message app is the best text messaging app. By using this we transfer text messages to others. It is developed by Google. This app is pre-loaded in pixel and several other devices. It is a very clean and simple app.

Android Messages Apps


Discord is nothing but software. The app mainly used for designing Video gaming communities. In that, it includes text, audio and video communications between users in a chat channel. This software used in Windows, MacOS, Android, Linux, and IOS and in web browsers. So the Discord App regarded as one of the topmost Best Messanger Apps 2023 in Google Play Store.

Discord App

Best Messenger Apps On Android

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger app is an instant messaging app. It is a free mobile messaging app. By using this we share photos, audios and video recording with others. By using this we can communicate with friends and with your phone contacts. It is free to download. And it is the most trendy messenger app. The app is used by every facebook user due to its amazing features.

Facebook Messenger App

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is a unified communicating service. It allows the users to initiate and take an interest in text, voice or voice chats either on one-by-one or group chat. In android and IOS mobiles only the hangout apps are available. Generally, the app included in Google+ and Gmail. The app can be used by any Gmail user. It can be used on smartphones and PCs.

Google Hangouts App


First, we need to register in the Skype app. After registration it allows the users to communicate with both instant messaging and voice chat. By using this app we can communicate in both audio calling and video calling. Voice chat can allow telephone between a pair of users as well as conference calling. This application used by corporate people in interviewing their candidates. They also conduct a few conferences on Skype call. So all these benefits and functionalities of the app made it as the Top Best Messaging App 2023 On Android and IOS devices.

Skype App


This app is a cloud-based instant messaging app. Telegram Messenger LLP had developed the voice over IP service. The app installed in windows, IOS, Linux, Android, and Windows NT smartphones. By using this app user can send text messages and share stickers, photos, audios, and video. It is also one of the best text messaging app used by all mobile users. People can also have a glance at 10 Best Smartphones in 2019 which is available in our portal.

Telegram App

Top 10 Messenger Apps 2023 On Android IOS


WhatsApp is a free downloading messenger app. By using internet user can share photos, audios, videos and can share location to another user. WhatsApp providing service similar to text messaging service, but at free of cost. Both the voice and video calls allowed for users. One of the best messenger apps in Google play store. There are millions of users using the app and it is freely available on play store.


Viber Messenger

Viber Messenger app is also a free downloading app. This app allows the user to make free calls, send text, share photos and video messages to other Viber user. Installation of this app done in both mobile and computer. By using this app user can connect the people around the world.

Viber Messenger


EvolveSMS app is a text Messaging app. It is a powerful texting replacement app. By using this app user may talk to friends quickly. A new application designed in a new Android mobile. The app is easy to use and very funny app. So the app EvolveSMS comes under the Top Best Message Application 2019.

EvolveSMS App

Pulse SMS

Pulse SMS an instant text messaging app. It is very powerful and in the next generation, SMS and MMS will be only communication between people. By using this app user may send the SMS and MMS very quickly and it is secure and packed with all the features.

Pulse SMS App


Here are all the Top 10 Best and Most used Messaging apps of 2019. With the help of all these messenger apps, the user can send their messages, share their photos, audios, videos, and share locations with other users in a fast and secure way. They are very simple to download with the easy user interface. Thanks for sending your valuable time to read our article. Also, have a look at more articles for more information on our website You can also bookmark our page to get easy access to our portal.


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