Bigg Boss Season 10 Swami Omji Slapping A Woman Video Goes Viral

Bigg Boss 10 Swami Om Ji Slapped Woman Video

The much awaited Bollywood Reality Game Show Bigg Boss 10 commenced on Sunday night with a sparkling opening. The most Latest 10th Season has 15 contestants with Common Citizens and B-Town Celebrities who will stay bolted inside the Bigg Boss house for very nearly three months. Watch Swami Omji Slapping Video Online

As the show has begun, one of the show’s competitors is making Headlines On all the Channels and even began slanting on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. He was none other than Om Swami mostly known as Swami Ji, the first ever common man to enter the Bigg Boss 10 house.

Bigg Boss Season 10 Episodes Highlights Full Video

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Swami Omji Slaps Woman Video

In the main scene of the first episode, the Swami Ji made hostile comments to women contestants. He passed judgments on the female contestants dressing attire and asserted that he came to Bigg Boss with a goal to improve the world a place. But, these were not the explanations behind his sudden unpopular fame. A video of Swami Ji that showed him getting savage with a female astrologer on a live TV Show going viral around the social media. Look at Om Baba Slapping A Women On Live TV Show.

Bigg Boss 10 Contestant OM Ji Baba Slaps Woman 

Om Swamiji went violent on live TV Show amid a debate headed discussion on dubious figure Radhe Maa in September 2015. The show included Om Swami and Deepa Sharma, and others. He is the greatest Devotee of Radhe Maa, Om Swami, and Deepa Sharma got into a vicious fight on national TV over the self-announced godmother.

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Om Baba Slapped Footage

Meanwhile, Twitter made many trolls centering Swami Ji, “Baba” was occupied with making professions on the Game Show. Baba Ji told Show Host Salman that he will make the Actor the most well-known star on the planet. He likewise asserted that he would get the star married one year from now. At the same time, when Salman questioned about the lady (Bride) name from Swami, he didn’t reveal it. This participant made Salman Khan Laugh Out Loudly with his behaviour and appearance both in front of the audience and in the house. Below you can watch Bigg Boss season 10 Contestant Swami Omji Slapping Video.

Watch Big Boss 10 Contestant OM Baba Slaps Woman Full Video


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