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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 promo released. This season the show is connected to Helo App where all the updates of participants will give. There are different profiles for everyone in Helo App, and we can also vote for them using this application. The Helo App process and started this year, so it is a bit new to vote for your contestants. In this article, we give you the details of Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Vote, follow Contestants Helo App Profiles and voting using the Helo App. Go through the complete article for the information.

Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 is the most awaited show in Telugu Television shows. It is the biggest reality show ever with a unique concept. It attracted the audience which gained the highest rating to the show. The contestants will go the nominations every week, and one of the housemates will get eliminate based upon the counting of the votes. For the very first time, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 voting is by using the Helo Application. We should vote to the contestants using the Helo App to save them from elimination. So, here in this article, we will give you the process of polling the contestants and also other regular updates.

 How To Follow Bigg Boss Contestants From Helo App

The Help App profiles will give the regular updates and information about the contestants in the show. They have different profiles in the application, where we can follow our favorite contestant. We should download the Application from the App store of smartphones and create an account. In the Helo App, we can search for the contestant profiles, or you can see them in the above table. There we have provided all contestants profile links to follow. It will give the close look of housemates and all updates exclusively.

How To Vote Bigg Boss Telugu 5 Using Helo App

The Bigg Boss Telugu 3 voting process is through the Helo Application. We can vote to the favorite participant every week to save them the elimination. It will be the process till the last week of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 4. Every week the contestants will nominate each other, and few selected one will be sent to the elimination list by Bigg Boss. The audience can vote to them and save from eviction and stay on the show.

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Helo Profiles

Helo App has partnered with Bigg Boss Telugu this year for the very first time, and the voting is also through the Helo Application. Here we will give you the steps to Vote Bigg Boss Telugu 3 using Help App.

Helo App

  • Create your account or the existing one form the application.
  • Search for the profile of contestant you want to vote from Helo App.
  • Give your votes for them and submit them to send your contestants to the safe zone.

With this process, you can easily vote for the contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. As the show started, the eviction process will also begin, and we can vote for our favorite contestant using the Helo App.

Bigg Boss telugu Vote

Bigg Boss Telugu Contestants Helo App Profiles

Bigg Boss has also given the separate Helo App Profiles for the participants. These will help us to know the regular updates and vote for them in the weekly eviction process. You can check these Profiles only in the Application which is available for both Android and iOS devices.  The profiles in the Helo App for the Bigg Boss Telugu 3 contestants given below.

S. No Contestant Name  Profession  Helo App Profile
1 Savitri Jyothi News Anchor Shiva Jyothi Helo Profile Link
2 Ravi Krishna Actor Ravi Krishna Helo Page Link
3 Ashu Reddy Actress Ashu Reddy Helo Profile Link
4 Jaffar News Reporter Jaffar Helo Profile Link
5 Himaja Tv Actress Himaja Helo Profile Link
6 Rahul Sipligunj Singer Rahul Sipligunj Helo Profile Link
7 Rohini Noni Tv Actress Rohini Helo Profile Link
8 Baba Bhaskar Choreographer Baba Bhaskar Helo Profile Link
9 Punarnavi Actress Punarnavi Helo Profile Link
10 Hema Actress Hema Helo Profile Link
11 Ali Reza Actor Ali Reza Helo Profile Link
12 Mahesh Vitta  Actor Mahesh Vitta Helo Profile Link
13 Sreemukhi Anchor Sreemukhi Helo Profile Link
14 Varun Sandesh Actor Varun Sandesh Helo Profile Link
15 Vithika Sheru Actress Vithika Sheru Helo Profile Link

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