BJP Union Minister Asks Tamil People To Learn Hindi And Sanskrit

Pon Radhakrishnan, senior BJP leader and Union Minister of State for Road, Transport and Highways including Shipping under Narendra Modi’s government asked all Tamilians to learn Sanskrit and Hindi. He raised this issue after Union Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma suggesting to make teaching Hindi and Sanskrit mandatory in every school.

BJP leader on Hindi Sanskrit

Radhakrishnan expressed his sheepish feeling of not learning Sanskrit and said now new generation should not miss learning them. He further said of Andhra and Kerala people can learn Hindi there is no reason behind why Tamil people cannot learn these languages. Earlier several Tamil Nadu parties objected introducing Hindi which they call impose of Hindi on them. Meanwhile, as Tamil Nadu advancing to elections in few months it would be interesting if this language introducing issue can become an electoral descant discussion.

At Meenakshi College for Women addressing Sanskrita Mahasammelan Radhakrishnan said,

“I couldn’t learn Sanskrit due to various reasons and feel ashamed not being able to speak the language. But I want at least the next generation to learn the language to access a treasure trove of knowledge. Sanskrit and Tamil are like two eyes and nobody can say that one is inferior to the other. They can borrow from each other and grow.”

Finally he said, he can relish Kamban’s Ramayana in Tamil as well as enjoy ‘Valmiki’ Ramayana in Sanskrit.