CBSE Schools To Hold Mother Tongue Option in Its Admission Form

Schools affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) must upgrade mother tongue information of child in Admission forms making it mandatory and choosing option of language for study regarding three language pattern. CBSE communicating with all affiliated schools stated application form of admission should also include a column for compulsory registration of mother tongue in recommendation of examination board committee.

Mother tongue option in Admission Form

Considering this formula as per Constitution students can take any modern Indian language as their third language with English and Hindi. For study under three languages, instructions also passed to acquire information regarding language preference for study. The communication suppose consequences which raised against scrim of controversy on the issue of replacing Sanskrit with German as third language in Kendriya Vidyalaya schools.

Language preference information will help efficient recruitment of language teachers in schools and ensure proper valuation of preferred language. In earlier circular CBSE informed that

“Children should be able to access education in their mother tongue in the primary stage itself as enshrined under Article 350 A of the Constitution.”