China Unveils Car Which Drives According To Your Mind Reflexes

What if your vehicle just drives on controls given from your mind. What if could it could understand directions prompted from our thoughts. Chinese technicians and engineers have figured out a model which could probably understand human thoughts and drive accordingly. Research team from Nankai University, Tianji have been working on the prototype model of car. Recently the crew were successful in inventing a vehicle which could be controlled by thoughts making car to run with out even using Steering wheel or accelerator.

Researchers From China Nankai University Unveils Car Which Drives According To Your Mind Reflexes

Nankai university personnel along with Chinese car makers ‘Great Wall Motor’ have successfully launched the working prototype of car which drives according human thoughts. Vehicle is controlled by a headset which is equipped with 16 sensors which transmits impulse from user’s brain to the processing system. Car was show cased to public where spectators were alarmed by the performance of the car where it could move forward and backward even locked and un-locked according to user’s thoughts.

Sensors captures the signals from brain and are analyzed through the recognition system which are later translated as driving instructions which propels the car. Duan Feng, Associate professor, Nankai University’s Computing and Control Engineering Department spoke,”There was still some way to go before the technology can be put into production.The technology is quite mature, however, there is some room for improvement concerning the car’s electronics, which will make the vehicle more secure, intelligent, and user-friendly”.