Delhi High Alert Suspected Terrorists Attack At Gurdaspur

Many hundreds of policemen positioned at shopping malls, railway stations and crowded places from higher authorities of Delhi on Monday have been alerted for terrorist attack. This morning terrorists attacked in Gurdaspur district, Punjab that killed five people which includes Sub Inspector of Police. There has been panic situation watching the burnt tyres at Parliament and high security was provided around it.

Delhi Police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat made sure that firing had not taken place at Vijay Chowk near Parliament. Special message has been passed to security officers via wireless sets by Delhi administration to check each and every vehicle coming from Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir and Haryana before they enter into city. Police officers were asked to check suspicious people and their stuff.

Delhi High Alert

Security was made tight at all 180 police stations. Police force is initiating their mock drills on hospitals and fire departments to preview and check the alertness of counter potential terror strikes considering the city. Responding to Gurdaspur’s terror attack Punjab deputy, Chief Minister, ‘Sukhbir Singh Badal’ stated that they would maintain strict law and order along with safety of people in state. Rahul Gandhi made his tweet on reacting to terror attack saying,

“Strongly condemn the terror attack in Gurdaspur. I hope the situation is brought under control at the earliest. My prayers are with families of those of who lost their lives in the attack.”

Congress leader Ashwani Kumar said its time for our nation to unite together in order to show a strong reply to such an activity. Kumar said,

“Our security forces are doing a great job .They must be strengthened, their willpower, their morale has to be strengthened. But more importantly, we must create conditions within the country where forces of terror do not get any indirect or direct encouragement.”