Doctors Confront Govt Initiative To Ban Surrogacy For Foreigners

The government plan to ban surrogacy for foreign couples in India has begun a level headed discussion once again over the bans that has accompany the new government. While specialists feel there is a requirement for regularization, they trust a ban is not required, especially because there are a few irregularities in the contention made by the government.

Doctors oppose surrogacy ban for foreigners

On Wednesday government proposed ban to the Supreme Court which is hearing to a PIL on the issue. The sworn statement said, the government does not bolster commercial surrogacy. No foreigner can profit surrogacy services in India and added that surrogacy would be accessible just for Indian couples.

Gynaecologist and IVF expert, Ridge IVF in New Delhi, Dr Gouri Devi said,

“Government says that renting a womb is leading to exploitation of poor women in the country. But how is a ban on surrogacy services for foreign nationals going to help the cause? Would there be no exploitation if only Indian couples avail it? How is the ban going to ensure there is no exploitation.”

As per doctors, the ban will prompt further abuse of surrogates. There are affirmed ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) banks from where we get the surrogates and the entire procedure is appropriately documented. The government needs to capture the genuine guilty culprits the spontaneous operators and clinics who are involved in acts of malfunction. Why ought to the fraternity endure on account of a few couple, says Dr Shivani Sachdev, famous fertility master and secretary, Indian Society for Third Party Assisted Reproduction.