Edhi Foundation Declines Modi’s 1 Crore Charity Fund

After PM Narendra Modi on Monday declared to offer Rs 1 crore as charity to Pakistan’s Edhi establishment, on Tuesday Abdul Sattar Edhi supposedly declined to acknowledge the offer. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s child Faisal Edhi is required to address a question and answer session with respect to the same at Karachi Press Club soon.

Edhi foundation declines Modi’s fund

23-year-old Geeta returned home yesterday from Pakistan. Geeta was apparently only 7 or 8 years of age when she was discovered sitting single on the Samjhauta Express by the Pakistan Rangers 15 years back at the Lahore railway station.

On Monday, PM Modi met Geeta and offered her everything money related help required.

“Welcome back home, Geeta. It is really brilliant to have you back home. Was really a joy to spend time with you today… All of India will deal with you,” Modi said and guaranteed that each exertion would be made to follow her family as she grasped him warmly.

The Prime Minister additionally expressed gratitude toward the Edhi foundation, whom he depicted as Apostles of graciousness and sympathy” for dealing with Geeta, a PMO discharge said.

What the Edhi family has done is too priceless to possibly be measured however I am cheerful to report a commitment of Rs 1 crore to their establishment, Modi had said.