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Ekk Albela Marathi Review Rating: Ekk Albela is Latest Marathi Movie which is released Today. The film features Mangesh Desai as the main role playing the role of Bhagwan Dada and Vidya Balan will be seen in cameo role as Geeta Bali. It is a Biopic film directed by Shekhar Sartandel. Dr Monish Babre produced this film. Ekk Albela is delivered under Kimaya Motion Pictures banner.Mangal Murti Films presented this flick. The film is biopic portraying the life of legendary actor Bhagwan Abhaji Palav who was famously known as Bhagwan Dada. The movie grabs the credit of the first ever Marathi film that simultaneously having its release in India and UK. Check Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Review Rating Worldwide Box Office Collections here on our site.

Ekk Albela Marathi Review Rating

Ekk Albela Movie Review
Ekk Albela Movie Review

The movie Ekk Albela is directed by Shekhar Sartandel offered a tribute to the action hero Bhagwan Dada. It follows his childhood youth and his first experience with film. It is a motivating story of a skilled artist who broke into the film industry without family name or coming from wealthy background yet earned many people’s hearts. His natural appeal and attractive dialogue delivery must be must watched on the screen. Check Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Rating.

Ekk Albela Marathi Movie First Day Collections

Actor Mangesh Desai has obviously put in a ton of hard work and acted like Bhagwan Dada. The most impressive part of him is, he didn’t imitate the incredible star yet he turned himself in to the legendary actor to appears same as Bhagwan Dada. Ekk Albela is the Vidya Balan first Marathi film where she sparkles as the bubbling Geeta Bali. It is again a sharp step by the makers to select Vidya Balan as she was apt for the world appeal, staying consistent with her character. The makeup artist who took a shot at Mangesh and Vidya’s looks must be appreciated. One will especially appreciate Mangesh flaunting Bhagwan’s mark movies the dance floor with Vidya Balan. Look at Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Review.

Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Ekk Albela
Director Shekhar Sartandel
Written by
Shekhar Sartandel
Amol Shetge
Producer Dr Monish Babre
Music Santosh Mulekar
Star cast
Mangesh Desai
Vidhyadhar Joshi
Vidya Balan
Shekhar Sartandel
Amol Shetge
Cinematography Uday Devare
Production company
 Kimaya Motion Pictures
Manglmurti Films
Distributed by
Raksha Entertainment
Manglmurti Films
Barakhadi Entertainments
Release Date 24 June 2016
Language Marathi


Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Story

Legendary Actor Bhagwan Abaji aka Bhagwan Dada ruled the Film Industry in 1950s, which is most commonly called as golden age of cinema. The film takes you back to the past period and gives you a look at what Hindi film industry of that time was about and how it worked. Check Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Box Office Collections.

Bollywood legendary actors like Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan and Mithun Chakraborty were majorly influenced by Bhagwan Dada’s mark dance style. Besides all these he as compared with Hollywood’s legendary actor Douglas Fairbanks. So if you want to watch a Biopic film don’t miss to watch Ekk Albela.

Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Audience Response 

All things considered, this biopic just show only specific aspect of Bhagwan’s life, so audience may feel that the end is unexpected. The people who do not have any idea about this great actor biography will wish to know more about his life but feels disappointed to see an end abruptly. For Mangesh, the best test was to be Bhagwan Dada all through the film. There are times when audience can find Mangesh acting in the part even in Bhagwan real life incidents, where he is not really expected to. Raj Kapoor appears in the movie and will be seen as cunning ambitious Actor who is jealous of Bhagwan and who tries to imperial his career. Those bits look somewhat cheesy and those scenes might be taken even more good. Know Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Public Talk.

Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Review & Rating : 3/5

Ekk Albela Marathi Movie Public Talk