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In the life of Indian citizens, the Employment News of 2022 weeks is a very crucial newspaper. This newspaper lists various job openings that come in the government sector which comes as a great chance for people to apply to jobs having decent pay anywhere around the country. In this article, we will discuss the employment news and tell you how to download the PDF file.

Employment News

The Employment Newspaper is a hit journal among the Indian people, specifically the young generation. This Employment Newspaper published every week in several languages including Urdu, English, and Hindi language. The main aim of this Employment Newspaper is to spread information regarding job openings in the government sector.

What information does the Employment newspaper have?

It also gives information regarding orientation, training programs, and other programs in which job seekers might be interested. Every week, Rojgar Samachar adds articles on the latest job openings. Students who looking for jobs get benefited by such articles a great deal as thousands of job openings are displayed every week.

Employment Newspaper

Along with the advertisement for the job, the required qualifications mentioned. This can help a lot of people as they don’t have to search for jobs on different platforms as thousands of job openings are available on one platform. To check the job openings, you have to download the paper and then you can check for the job which suits you best.

What are the contents of the weekly employment newspaper?

This weekly journal offered by employment newspapers is a great deal for youngsters as it is capable of offering opportunities for jobs, the employment newspaper offers job from various public and government sectors like-

  • It provides the required documents qualifications for every individual job and training institutions.
  • Universities wanting professional courses giving out notices for examinations. Results for UPSC, SSC, PSC also advertised in the newspaper.
  • The editorial section also has the advertisements for current job openings and upcoming job openings.
  • Mid-level organizations wanting employees.
  • Job vacancies and training plans from national banks also advertised in this employment newspaper. Such bodies give out orientation programs that take in students for training purposes in different branches, which basically promotes the positive impact created on the employment sector on a national level. For more employment updates and information check Timesalert.

Civil services set interviews, and examinations specifically focused on the employment newspaper. This employment newspaper is, in a nutshell, an educative publication for youngsters so that they get a helping hand in searching for jobs and other institutional courses.

Availability of the weekly Employment Newspaper

This employment paper is available every two days a week i.e., Friday and Saturday. You have to download it in the PDF format as it’s available that way only. You can download this Paper according to your convenience monthly or weekly at employmentnews.gov.in absolutely free.

This formally began in the year 1976. It has been 44 years since this publication has started and is providing employment information to unemployed people and freshly passed out students. As per reports, the weekly circulation of this newspaper has been greater than 3 Lakhs per week.

Employment Newspaper PDF 2020

This journal gets circulated to every part of the country may it be rural or urban. It is accessible online and it’s very easy to download it and after that, you can take a hard copy print out of that. Even though this paper earns money by advertising information related to jobs, this connects people with several organizations and sectors around the country genuinely.

This employment paper one of the main reasons why unemployment is getting aimed and decreased in the country. As many people apply for jobs and settle successfully through this newspaper.

Steps to Download PDF of Employment Newspaper

The following is the procedure to check the Employment paper online-

  • Access any desired web browser like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Choose the desired language Hindi or English
  • You will then see headlines in the language you have selected.
  • Then on the left side of the page on your device, you can see the latest news.
  • Choose the headline you were interested in.


This article has covered the importance of The Employment Newspaper by stating how a big deal for youngsters and unemployed people who looking for the latest job openings in one platform from public or government sectors.


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