Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg To Visit India On October 28th

Not less than a month earlier India’s Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi met Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at his California home office, Mark is all set to make second visit to India on October 28 which he announced through his Facebook page. Mark stated that he would be attending Townhall Q&A at IIT Delhi and will be answering questions from Facebook as well attendants at Delhi University. It is the second time that Zuckerberg is making a visit to India, Prior to this he he stated that India is mere related to history of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg India Visit

Mark has shared his experiences with Steve Jobs, one of his tutors who convinced him to visit India. As a result of his words Mark traveled nearly a month and observed that world could be a better place if we had the ability to connect with each other. Rest is history after he and his team started figuring out Facebook.

One of the principle points that surfaced amid Modi’s visit was all Universal Internet access. Zuckerberg, who believes firmly Universal Internet Access as an essential human right, had likewise attempted to speak to the Indian Prime Minister by articulating backing for the ‘Digital India’ crusade before Modi’s visit.

India stands as the center for Facebook’s Free Basics activity, prior termed as Internet.org, it’s an open platform for over 19 developing nations by Facebook. This facility enables to have access to some selected apps as well as app based services to the users at no extra cost. Facebook had collaborated with Reliance Communications to give free access to around 30 sites. In any case, the particular edge of Internet.org came in for feedback from a few quarters in India. India is a key business sector for Facebook for more than 130 million clients. India makes up the biggest application developers group for Facebook outside of the United States.