Get Jio SIM Option Not Available in MyJio App Solved Solution How To Fix It

Get Jio SIM Option Not Available in MyJio App 

Reliance Jio is a mobile telephone company that provides digital and broadband services all over Inda. It was launched in 2007. The main aim of this is to provide 4G services using LTE technology to everyone. Recently Jio has offered a free SIM to all the mobile users. At first, this offer is only applicable to few Samsung users. Later it was given to all the mobile users. Jio has launched a huge offer along with the SIM. The offer comprises of three months free data balance and voice calls. These Jio SIM’s are of 4G and is working with Vo-LTE technology.
Get Jio SIM Option Not Available

Get Jio SIM Option Not Available

How To Fix Get Jio SIM Option Not Available Myjio App

Coming to take off Jio free SIM, users are facing some issues at the first step. People who afford Smartphone wants to grab this opportunity of Jio free SIM. In order to take the SIM, one should get an offer or coupon code produced at Reliance Digital Stores. It is easy to get Jio SIM Welcome Offer for 4G supporting mobiles. But the users who have downloaded Myjio App and waiting for the Get Jio SIM Option has become a big issue.

Reasons For Not Getting Get Jio SIM Option In Myjio App

The main reason for not receiving Get Jio SIM Option is that the device is not able to recognize the code. This has become the major problem in order to take Jio SIM. Good news for all the smartphone users who are willing to take the Jio SIM. The company has resolved the issue. Now the app first recognizes the device and offers the code.

Solved Solution For Get Jio SIM Option Not Available

Users are requested to download the previous version of Myjio App Apk. But the current problem is not officially resolved. Just download the Myjio App Apk from the below link provided. Along with downloading the app, one should follow few steps to get Get Jio SIM Option.

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Steps To Download Myjio App Apk

1. First Click Here To Download Myjio App Apk After the installation of APK file, turn off your internet connection.

2. After installation, restart the mobile. Before downloading APK file one should delete the original Myjio App.

3. Finally, you should download all the apps in order to get the coupon code. Turn on the Internet while you download “Install All”.

After installation, again restart the mobile. Then you will get the option to get Jio SIM.

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