Google Doodle Celebrates George Boole’s 200th Birth Anniversary

Google Doodle today is celebrating 200th birth anniversary of famous mathematician, logician and Philosopher George Boole.

George Boole who is best known as the author of “The Law of Thoughts” , which deals with Boolean Algebra. He is best known as “Father of Information Technology” for his works in different fields such as differential equations, algebraic logic and his contribution in the computational mathematics which laid foundation for the information age.

Google Doodle Celebrates Boole’s 200th Birthday

Boole has introduced Boolean Algebra in 1847 in  “The Mathematical Analysis of Logic” which deals with true or false, which is supported by all programing languages today.

Today’s Doodle highlights the various boolean operators AND, OR, NOT, and XOR. These operators are very helpful in Google search applications. For example if you want to search for the combined results of Google and Nexus, then you could search for Google AND Nexus. If you want to search for either of them then you type Google OR Nexus.

Boole at the age of 49, walked two miles drenching in rain and gave a lecture which soon developed severe cough and cold and have brought severe illness and where his condition worsen, on 8th December 1864 he died of pneumonia.

University College of Cork says that  Boole “invented a new kind of mathematics by classifying thought and codifying it using algebraic language”, and dedicated a website towards him called

Today’s Google Doodle is visible in the Google’s homepage across the World.