Google Launches New Logo With Animation On Twitter

‘Google’ becoming part of latest capital company ‘Alphabet’ cleansing its famous and prominent logo. On Tuesday the features of retrospective design has been revealed with same colors blend of green, red, blue and yellow that Google using since 17 years of its history although the tinge has little different shades. ‘Product Sans’ is the new typeface that Google has invented which replicate plain printing in grade-school book.

Google reveals new logo

‘Product Sans’ change serif typeface which has been used in Google logo more than 16 years. Since company formed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, this was the sixth time Google changed its logo. Now the latest redesign is impressively noticeable that materialized until May 1999 after its name. The Mountain View from California gushing lot of money into several far-flung projects which have small or no connection with its major business of online search. It is even advertising that it is being ready to place everything over Alphabet umbrella.

The holding company is not expected to operate officially for few months as Alphabet yet has not disclosed its logo. Google company said in its blog,

“For a world of seamless computing across an endless number of devices.”

The renovated change on the representation of letter ‘g’ which Google uses as shorthand logo on small screens like smartphones and other devices will also have change. Now ‘g’ will displayed in capitalized color in spite of being white and lowercase.