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Guppedantha Prema Movie Review: Guppedantha Prema Movie is a Latest Telugu youthful romantic drama slated to release on 17 June 2016 worldwide. The film is written and directed by Vinod Lingala and the production part was done by Eye Wink Productions. The film is introducing fresh faces to the Telugu Film Industry with Debutante Actors Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh and Aishwarya in the lead roles. Navneeth Sundar has delivered music for the film. Sanjay Loknath took care of Cinematography. Basava Paidireddy altered editing effects. Rajeev Nair given his utmost effort for art work.

Guppedantha Prema Movie Review Rating

Guppedantha Prema Movie Review
Guppedantha Prema Movie Review

This latest Romantic Entertainer highlights youth dreams at present as they rotate around matters like first love, waiting, trustworthiness, craving for love, desires, beauty. All these elements making the movie Guppedantha Prema to watch more than once attracting today’s youth. Vinod Lingala who worked in script and direction to the film perhaps imagined today’s youth when he thought of making this film. Each part of this movie is new with a fresh attempt.

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Guppedantha Prema Movie Public Talk

The entire shooting of the film occurred in four main areas in India, which likewise included beautiful locations from East-India. The Eye Wink Productions took up the task of distributing the film. The earlier released music, has played an excellent part in an attracting most of the youths to watch on big screen. Navneeth Sundar must be appreciated for the fresh music.

Guppedantha Prema Movie Cast & Crew

Movie Guppedantha Prema
Language Telugu
Director Vinod Lingala
Writer Vinod Lingala
Production Company Eye Wink Productions
Sai Ronak
Aditi Singh
Music Navneeth Sundar
Cinematography Sanjay Loknath
Editor Basava Paidireddy
Release Date 17 June 2016

Guppedantha Prema Movie Story

The Guppedantha Prema story rotates around the lives of Sai Ronak (Yuv) and Aditi Singh (Sandy) who are debutante actors. Yuv experiences passionate feelings for Sandy at first sight an fall in love with her. Sandy plays the difficult to get young lady and trusts their love won’t last, yet in the end she too to falls for Yuv. But their relationship need to face a separation and time makes a distance between them. Will their love lasts forever or will it vanish? The film additionally sees newcomer, Aishwarya in a pivotal role. Guppedantha Prema movie is mainly based upon pure love story. Movie covers all kinds of emotions with a all new actors.

Apart from Fresh actors Sai Ronak, Aditi Singh and Aishwarya Guppedantha Prema movie also features other actors like Naveen Neni, Anand, Noel Sean, Abhiram, Shraddha Pancholi etc.

Guppedantha Prema Movie Public Talk

Guppedantha Prema Movie Review & Rating : 2/5