Haryana Govt Notice To Vadra Seeking DLF Land Deal Details

IAS officer Ashok Khemka who cancelled the mutation of land deal between Robert Vadra company (son-in-law of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi) and DLF, the Haryana government has issued a notification after three years to Vadra looking for complete details of the transactions. The move came months after a special investigation group guaranteed that Vadra had at first sight avoided payment of tax in the Rs 58 crore land deal even as his legal counselor negated the assertions. West Gurgaon excise and tax collection officer and even assessing authority issued a notification on October 12 to Vadra under the Haryana Value Added Tax (VAT) Act, 2003.

Notice to Vadra seeking DLF land deal details

An officer in a notice said, the government said the license conceded to Vadra’s firm to build up a commercial venture at Gurgaon was secured by the meaning of word ‘merchandise’ under the Act. This license was sold by the company to M/s DLF for around Rs 58 crores, beside selling land the company has additionally sold a license for immense thought to the above purchaser.

On the other hand, lawyer of Vadra told that they had never violated any procurements of law nor maintained a strategic distance from payment of any tax and had dependably directed their business as per and subsequent to conforming to every pertinent procurement of law. Comparative exchanges have been directed by various different parties yet our clients are being singled out with no premise in law or actuality. This semi legal notification has been generally leaked and coursed in the media by unknown persons.