Haryana Govt Permits Vijender Singh To Seek Professional Training

Indian Olympic boxer ‘Vijender Singh’ to peruse his professional boxing dreams contented with Haryana government. Finally he got approval from government of Haryana to his leave application to get trained in England in order to challenge professional turn. Beijing Olympics bronze medalist requested in early July to permit him with leave from August 2015 to train and compete.

Approval to Vijender leave application

Haryana government has not give any approval which lashed a controversy. Anyways few days ago it has granted an approval for his bout.

A senior official said, “The chief minister has approved the extraordinary leave of Vijender Singh and he can now train abroad and can take part in pro boxing. His application was considered on the ground that when other sports person with the Haryana Police have been given permission to play in various professional leagues, he should also be allowed. In professional boxing too, if he wins, it is going to be credited to the country’s account.”

On considering pro-kabaddi league along with different professional leagues among 15 athletes from Haryana police, Deputy Superintendent Vijender began training in London and is first bout anticipated to occupy in a month. Vijender decision on turn standard raised criticism and even court took note of signing a contract with London based organizer without government approval.

Haryana government was also asked by Punjab and Haryana High Court to register its response to Vijender’s request entreating instructions for him to permit clearance. Finally it has approved his plea and even it also planned to issue all benefits granted to boxer which will be post attainment motives.