Howrah Bridge Collections – Howrah Bridge Collections Box Office Report

Howrah Bridge First Day Collections – Howrah Bridge is a Telugu film released on 3rd February 2018. In the lead roles, we are going to see Rahul Ravindran and Chandini Chowdary. Rahul Ravindran, a Tollywood actor who got fame from the movie Andala Rakshashi, is now seen in Howrah Bridge. His acting and looks were entirely different from his previous film. Howrah Bridge will go to be a big hit in his career. Howrah Bridge First day collections are shown here.

Howrah Bridge Collections

Review for the film Howrah Bridge is doing positive. It is ultimately a romantic love story. Two people connect to each other just like Howrah Bridge and share their emotions. Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao edits Howrah Bridge movie and directed by Revan Yadhu. Shekar Chandra composed the music, and the album received the average response from the audience. Howrah Bridge collections at box office reached the expectations.

Howrah Bridge Collection

Producer for the flick Howrah Bridge is Mandava Nageswara Rao, Nalli Kiran Kumar, and Vaddepalli Srinivas. The story of the movie is fascinating. Rahul Ravindran plays a character named Arjun. In the film, he works as an engineer in Kolkata. But during his childhood, he falls in love with Sweety (Chandini Chowdary) and unable to forget her. So he returns to his hometown in search of sweety and marries her. Meanwhile Sweety family plans to engage her with his brother in law named Ajay. Later Arjun introduces himself to sweety and gets closer to her. After that they both fall in love and sweety explains about her desire to her family members and her brother in law.

Howrah Bridge collections


Sweety family understands the situation and stop her wedding. Meanwhile, a prominent twist saw, that is Arjun’s first lover sweety is not the correct girl. Then Arjun explains the situation and leave her and go in search of her real childhood lover Sweety. Then Chandini Chowdary who falls in love with Arjun goes to depression and plans to do suicide at Howrah Bridge. Here goes the movie interval. Later the story revolves around those three characters. More about the film Howrah Bridge is to see in theatres.

Howrah Bridge Collection

Rahul who plays Arjun role in the movie is fantastic. One can enjoy by watching the film. This flick will go to create a big hit to Chandini’s career. Chandini freshness and her acting were also excellent. Her looks are fantastic and beautiful. We are also going to see Rao Ramesh in a very impressive role. Coming to comedians, we know Ali, Madhu, Posani and more who adds more essence to the film. Howrah Bridge Collections at the box office are going on with a considerable amount.

Howrah Bridge movie has many plus points regarding the movie theme, romantic scenes, twists, music and more. Enjoy the Howrah Bridge film with all your family members this weekend. Actor Rahul Ravindran after completing Howrah Bridge is going to turn into a director. He is going to do his first debut as a director with the movie titled Chi La Sow. And more he is busy with lot more projects like Drusthi and Sobhan Babu.


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