I Like To Carry Modi’s Footwear, Munawwar Rana

Urdu poet and Sahitya Akademi awardee Munawwar Rana said he would be excessively cheerful to lift Narendra Modi’s footwear if he invites me as an elder brother. At the point when litterateurs are giving back their awards in dissent against the Dadri lynching episode, Urdu writer and Sahitya Akademi awardee Munawwar Rana appears to have chosen to utilize the chance to get nearer to PM Narendra Modi.

Urdu poet likes to lift Modi’s footwear

He is similar to my elder sibling. What’s more, I have even said the same in one of my poems that if cherished like a elder brother, I would joyfully lift his shoes , said Rana. Rana had at first confronted the authors for giving back their awards. He had said the individuals who have lost trust in their writings were giving back the awards. In any case, he significantly changed his position on Sunday and gave back the Sahitya Akademi award.

Later, the writer told the media that he had got a call from the PMO to meet Modi. I would meet the PM without a doubt regardless of the possibility that different writers decline to go with me. If you feed mouse with a cookie, he would expect more. So is the situation with Rana. We would prefer not to reprimand him transparently right now in light of the fact that it will demonstrate that we are isolated on the Dadri lynching episode, said a writer on the state of obscurity.