India-Bangladesh Historic Deal Commencement Starting Today

Closing one of the world’s major border contradiction that has put many thousands of people in unfinished stateless situation over 70 years, now finally ‘India’ and ‘Bangladesh’ agreed to switch mini Islands of land. To celebrate this historic deal among two countries Prime Ministers, 50,000 people will light up the border with candles at one minute prior midnight on Friday to solemnize ‘New Found Freedom’.

India Bangladesh territory deal

The agreement that was confirmed in June will advance its effects from Friday where ‘Islands’ will adequately conclude its existence as every nation presume jurisdiction about all authorizations in its region.

Golam Mostafa who lives in Indian territory but part of Bangladesh’s Kurigram district said,

“The 68 candles mark our 68 years of endless pain since 1947 and the agonies and poverty we faced living in no-man’s land.”

Residents living in total 162 tiny territories covered by country’s enclave by one another are in shortage of basic amenities like water, schools, power and clinics due to their separation from national government. Now all the residents have an option to choose where they can live either in India or Bangladesh and even they will be granted with citizenship. Permissible distance provided is 4,000-kilometer long border. With this land swapping all the residents involved enthusiastically in practicing their new national anthem, celebrating traditional games and making feasts.

On of the Dahala Khagrabari enclaves living person Rabbul Alam said,

“It’s like Eid day here. It’s like a new found freedom. For an outsider, it is difficult to know who is a Bangladeshi or who is an Indian here. Even we get confused. Only some concrete pillars mark which part is Bangladesh and which is India.”

Bangladesh approved 1974’s Indian deal which proposed to dismiss the pockets. The agreement came during Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ to Dhaka in June to nourish geographical constraints.