Infosys Partners Huawei To Launch Smart Stadium Solutions

Indian IT major Infosys has partnered with and Chinese ICT solutions Huawei and developed a software for providing high speed Wi-Fi access for users in Stadiums and exhibition centers.

“The software product integrates Huawei’s Agile network with our entertainment experience platform to offer high-speed Wi-Fi access and smart services for users in stadiums and exhibition centres,” Infosys said in a statement.

For this joint venture Huawei is going to provide WLAN Network infrastructure, while infosys will offer multi-tenant, cloud-based platform with managed operations and services.

Huawei- Infosys Smart Stadium Solution

Through the integration of Network and applications, this solution brings the spectators to have better experience and connected stadiums and helps the network operators with gaining more revenue by providing innovative services.

This app also provides services such as  in-stadium engagements like social media, campaigns, shopping and other services.

”Today’s entertainment hubs offer a great opportunity for traditional physical entities to transform themselves by adding a digital layer. The potential to deliver value to stakeholders — attendees and entertainment centre owners — increases exponentially because of the intersection of the physical and the digital,” Infosys SVP and Global Head Engineering Services Sudip Singh said.

Huawei has been providing wireless network services for sports stadiums internationally. This includes home stadiums in  Germany, Netherlands,  USA, Australia, China, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.