ISIS-BOKO Haram Emerge As Major Threat For Indo- African Summit

Law enforcement agencies have been requested to arrange security around dignitaries attending the Indo-Africa summit because of the likelihood of outfits Boko Haram and Islamic State endeavouring to upset the meet, sources in the intelligence foundation stated. The threat view of the summit has been checked as very high as several heads of state going by Delhi are under risk from Boko Haram, which is predominantly dynamic in Nigeria and has as of late vowed its dependability to the Islamic State.

ISIS-BOKO threat for Indo- African Summit

IS has been attempting to stamp its vicinity in the Indian subcontinent, and has claimed obligation regarding a couple of strikes in neighbouring Bangladesh. Agencies have a run-down of people radicalized by ISIS purposeful publicity and Delhi Police has even enlisted a FIR to step against the radicalization moves. More than 25,000 Delhi Police and paramilitary force are working in pair with the African security contraption in central and New Delhi ranges for the summit. Security will be additional tight on October 29 when all heads of state, alongside Prime Minister Narendra Modi and high-positioning Indian and African authorities will assemble at the IG indoor stadium.

IS representative Abu Muhammad al-Adnani had said in a message, we declare to you to the uplifting news of the development of the caliphate to west Africa in light of the fact that the caliph has acknowledged the constancy of our brothers of the Sunni group for lecturing and the jihad. Thusly, Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau has promised collusion to IS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.