Islamic Militant Group Abducted 4 Indian Teachers In Libya

Islamic State militants group frantically kidnapped four Indian teachers in Libya. Among four abducted people two are from Hyderabad, one from Bengaluru and one from Raichur. On Thursday evening they were allegedly snatched from Sirte town near Tripoli. External intrigue ministry stated the kidnapped Indian teachers has been teaching since one year at the university. As per officials, yet there was no redeem demand regarding the snatch.

4 Indians Kidnapped In Libya

The region where Indians kidnapped come under the dominance of Islamic State proclaiming itself a caliphate which has colonized large overlay of Syria and Iraq areas.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said,

“We came to know at 11 pm that four Indian nationals who were returning to India via Tripoli were detained at a checkpoint approximately 50 km from Sirte. According to our sources all four were brought back to Sirte. We are in regular touch with their families and all efforts are being made to ensure their early release.”

Last year July, Indian government emerged a counsel entreating its citizens to entrust squabble strike Libya. According to officials the Indians who got kidnapped started their work in the country before a year and might overlooked the caution. 39 Indians go missing in Iraq and all were the latest incidents that had been taken place in recent times. Last year all people got seized at the height of brawl between government compel and Sunni extremists.