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Kalam is the Latest Tamil Horror film having its release on 29th April 2016. Actress Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, acts in the lead character of the film. 80% of it the movie unfurls inside a house and the house plays a vital character. The film is directed by Robert Raaj and movie also features Srinivas, Amjad and Madhusudan. Subash Chandran, worked as scriptwriter of the film.

Kalam Movie Review Rating

Almost 80 percent of the film happens in the house which plays an essential role. It’s a beautiful house amongst the most excellent houses in the city. It is an extremely ancient house. Each room has around 10 doors. One can say there is no story without the house. Unlike the recent comedy drama films, this movie is not expected to be funny. It has the typical offer of thrills yet all that one can see will be with logic story  and sensible theme.

Kalam-Tamil -Movie-Review
Kalam Tamil Movie Review Rating

Kalam Movie Public Talk

Discussing her spooky encounters on the sets, Lakshmi Priyaa said, “The greater part of the interior of the house was made of wood. So every time we’d walk around at nights, the wood would squeak and the sound would send chills down our spines.” Lakshmi at present has independent projects like Revelations and Iglu, other than a couple of Tamil and Malayalam ventures in her pocket.

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Kalam film ended up being a sensible one. It is all around packed with logical, amazing, exciting and thrilling elements. In spite of the fact that Lakshmi hasn’t encountered paranormal activities while shooting for the film, the actress say that as the greater part of time they have shot in night, it was frightful to shoot at the vibe.

Kalam Tamil Movie Cast & Crew

Director : Robert Raaj

Starring : Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Amzath Khan, Srinivas, Madhu Sudhan

Scriptwriter : Subish Chandaran

Music : Prakash Nikki

Production House : Arul Production Company

Release Dates : 29 April 2016

Language : Tamil

Kalam Tamil Movie Story

Everything begins a century prior when Madhan obtains a part of land from innocents using illegal powers. Gowtham, Madhans only child is liable to his father’s anger and is not in talking terms with him, since he married the one he have passionate feelings of love for her. As the time passes after few years, Madhan comes back from abroad to the place where he grew up as per the wishes of his mother along with his wife Deeksha and daughter Hiya. Madhan renovates an old bungalow and present it as a gift to Gowtham, and Kani joins with the family to help Deeksha with her household unit tasks. Deeksha experiences a couple of paranormal activities inside the house. She shares every instinct with Gowtham yet he turns a deaf ear.

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However as days go, there are all the more explanations behind both Gowtham and Hiya to believe the supernatural powers. To save his wife and daughter, Gowtham gets Nagulan, a mystical psychic, performer. As per his words, it would just be possible for a Royal Descendant to head out the supernatural strengths. Whether Nagulan succeeds through the procedure or not is the rest of the story.

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Kalam Movie Rating : 2.75/5

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