Kamaal R Khan Challenges Pawan Kalyan On Twitter

Kamaal Rashid Khan has again made controversial comments on Pawan Kalyan. Previously he called Pawan Kalyan a joker on Twitter which has stirred up the power star fans and trolled KRK on twitter. But everyone knows that Kamaal R Khan has no shame and he will never stop talking bad about other celebrities. KRK calls himself No.1 movie critic and a big Bollywood actor but the truth is he is big looser and has nothing to do so he does these cheap publicity stunts to stay in the lime light.

Kamaal R Khan Challenges Pawan Kalyan
Kamaal R Khan Challenges Pawan Kalyan

Even after getting trolled by pawan kalyan fans but Kamaal R Khan did not learn his lesson. Recently Kamaal R Khan and Ram Gopal Varam had a twitter war on pawan kalayan. As the pawan kalyan latest movie sardaar gabbar singh is getting ready for release, RGV took twitter to express his opinion by tweeting. Soon after the RGV tweet KRK started making fun of pawan kalayan which led to twitter war between KRK and RGV.

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Kamaal R Khan Challenged Ram Gopal Varma saying he will naked in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states for two days and two nights if more than ten people watch sardaar gabbar singh movie. He even challenged pawan kalyan saying come to Mumbai and talk one word against him. These tweets have definitely hurted pawan kalyan hard core fans. Its better for KRK to stay in safe place if he do not want to face the wrath of fans.

Sardaar gabbar singh Hindi dubber version will be released in 800 screens in Bollywood on 8th April 2016. We have to wait and see how the movie is going to turn out. If the movie is success it is going to be a tight slap on Kamaal Rashid Khan face and if movie fails what KRK said about Pawan Kalyan will become true.

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But it is first time such a debate has been on made a movie, we have seen these challenges made by models and actress on cricket team. We have to wait and see until 8th April to know whether Kamaal R Khan will run or not?. Check out below for RGV and KRK tweets on Pawan Kalyan.