Supreme Court Turns Down T-Govt’s Petition On Centre

In a major turning of events in Government of Telangana, Supreme Court has rejected appeal filed by S Venugopala Chary, authorised personnel of Telangana government in Delhi, looking for a course to the Centre to make great the money related and material help that was guaranteed amid the cutting of the new condition of Telangana. Rejecting the request, A bench crowned by Chief Justice H L Dattu declined to play “mediator” in the middle of Centre and Telangana governments.

Supreme Court Turns Down T-Govt’s Petition

The bench stated that the SC could do minimal in the matters amongst Centre and Telangana to encourage satisfaction of guarantees made by the previous to the recent. On entire, the Apex Court made it clear that it can’t play a dealer in the middle of Centre and a state government.

With clear signs from the Supreme Court, now, Telangana government is in a repair however hasn’t given yet. It’s said to be chalking out arrangements to put weight on Centre by different means. How about we perceive how Centre would act in days to come and what’s in store for the new condition of Telangana.

Telangana looked for the deliverance of a mandamus to Union government to tell the setting up of a new tribunal under the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act of 1956 to choose the issue the of sharing the stream water among the four neighbouring States of Maharashtra, Karnataka, AP and Telangana. It said that under the 1956 Act, the Union, once it gets a grievance or a reference in connection to the sharing of water between two States, needs to allude the case to a tribunal framed under the statute.