Watch Malayalam Films Online For Rs 180 On Its Day Of Release

A team of Malayalam movie lovers introduced online site to permit people to watch latest Malayalam films legally on the digital platform at download cost of Rs 180 for ordinary print and for high definition print it costs Rs 300. It is an idea of three youngsters from Kochi, Vivek Paul, Gautham Vyas and Blaise Crowly.’’ was created by Xincoz Labs and promoted by Konglo Ventures aiming to bring Malayalam films to viewers home in India at the same day when films make their release. website in Kerala which lets you to watch Malayalam movies online movies just for Rs.180 on release day

They planned to launch it on 20th July and well know director Jayraj trusts that will provide audience with opportunity to access Malayalam films easily with ‘Pay Per Download’ feature. CEO Crowly said,

“Piracy happens due to non-availability of content. When content is easy to access at a reasonable price, we believe piracy will take a back seat.We want to be a platform where all movies can reach viewers with the click of a button. With connected users,our platform enables movie producers to distribute their content in any country they choose on the same day as they release in India.”

Vivek Paul said,

“Through the dashboard on the page, the producer can find out on a daily basis how many people have downloaded the film. Once it’s downloaded into a computer hard-disk, it can be seen any number of times, but cannot be copied to a pen drive. Even if one lakh people download a film, the producer gets a decent sum, which probably he would not have got otherwise.”