Manish Sisodia Promised Safety To Delhi Schoolgirls

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Monday tasked with recommending measures to make the city more secure for women and took a firsthand record from schoolgirls and advised them with couple of remedial steps. On women and child security, Sisodia went by and interacted with the students of Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya, Pandara Park. This commenced a two-week long consultation process over the city that the Delhi government is seeking after with distinctive stakeholders on the issue.

Manish Sisodia promised Safety to schoolgirls

The girls portrayed different personal stories of being taken after or feeling unsafe in Delhi. Few complained about being gazed at for appropriate time, while others discussed their experiences of being stalked. The girls from Class 8 to 12, talked about their discomfort openly in public transport where they had experienced vulgar conduct or met vigorously inebriated individuals. One of the government authorities, who went with Sisodia said, every girl had a story of being taken after to their tuitions, or being vexed by cruiser riders passing unseemly proclamations and even confronting inconvenience near their homes and in their local markets.

On the other hand, the girls set out to be strong and described different incidents in which they had taken the initiative to complain, fight or raise an objection about their issues. Addressing the students Deputy Chief Minister said,

“I am your elder brother and not just education minister. I am here to ensure that you get complete education while feeling free and secure in life. If you are afraid of anything, I’m here to ensure that the rule of law and public order takes care of those who trouble you. Please tell me what punishments or measures I should take to ensure that you can roam with your head held high. I will personally ensure that you are enabled to become what you want to, without fear of any bad moments in life.”