Mina Hajj Tragedy, Stampede Kills 220 Hundreds Injured

In a mere mis-happening, more than 100 pilgrims died and many feared injured on Thursday after major stampede occurred in Mina,outside the Muslim Holy city of Mecca during the Hajj. Accident occurred when thousands of pilgrims were involved in practising the important rites considered as part of Hajj, considered as stoning the evil.

Major stampede at Mina kills 220

No less than 450 others were harmed in the pound, which occurred on Street 204 of the camp city at Mina, a couple of kilometers east of Mecca, where Pilgrims were to spend a few days amid the haj’s climax .

Hajj journey is considered as the world’s biggest yearly gathering of people, where accidents like today were also repeated in the past with events including charges, tent flames and uproars. Last mis-hap in Haj travel occured in the year 2016 where at least 346 pilgrims were killed during stoning at Jamarat.

Organizers are spending whooping revenue to safegaurd people during Hajj visit, group control innovation in the course of recent decades had never witnessed such harsh incident. Road 204 is one of the two primary veins driving through the camp at Mina to Jamarat, where pilgrims ceremonially stone the fallen devil by heaving rocks at three substantial columns.

“Work is under way to separate large groups of people and direct pilgrims to alternative routes,” the Saudi Civil Defence said on its Twitter account.