MP Keith Vaz Made His Demand To Return Kohinoor Diamond To India

Asian origin MP Keith Vaz asked to return ‘Kohinoor Diamond’ to India when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his visit to London in November. An articulation was held at Oxford Union by Congress leader Shashi Tharoor. Later Keith Vaz raised the demand recommending Britain to pay amends for devastation at the time of British rule in India.

Keith demands Kohinoor return

793 carats Kohinoor diamond which was mined at Kollur mine in Andra Pradesh has a long history. The original owner of the diamond was ‘Kakatiya dynasty’ later it had been part of ‘British Crown of Queen Elizabeth’.

MP Vaz made a statement regarding the demand,

“I welcome Tharoor’s speech and the endorsement of its message by PM Modi. I share their views. These are genuine grievances which must be addressed. Pursuing monetary reparations is complex, time consuming and potentially fruitless, but there is no excuse for not returning precious items such as the Kohinoor diamond, a campaign I have backed for many years.”

Many demands raising to return the precious property to India. Most recent desire raised during Cameron visit to India in 2013. Anyhow, he denied suggestions to return the prodigious diamond which was presented to Queen Victoria in 1850.

Vaz said, “PM Modi is due to arrive in the UK in November and Prime Minister Cameron has gone out of his way to maintain a strong bilateral relationship. What a wonderful moment it would be, if when PM Modi finishes his visit, he returns to India with the promise of the diamond’s return.”