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Mukunda Murari Movie Review Rating

Upendra Latest Kannada Movie Mukunda Murari has been released today.This film is directed by Nanda Kishore. The Kannada Satirical Comedy Entertainer highlights Upendra, Sudeep, Ishita Vyas, Nikita Thukral and P. Ravi Shankar as the main leads. Upendra can be noticed in the role of atheist and Sudeep will be seen in the role of Lord Krishna. This is their first ever collaboration since they started their film career. The film is a official remake of Hindi film OMG – Oh My God! in 2012, which based Gujarati stage play ‘Kanji Virrudh Kanji’. Mukunda Murari is delivered by M.N. Kumar besides B. Jayashree Devi. Check Out Mukunda Murari Movie Review Rating Story.

Mukunda Murari Movie Review
Mukunda Murari Movie Review

Mukunda Murari Review Rating

The supporting actors include Nikita Thukral, Kaavya Shah, Avinash, Ishita Vyas, P. Ravishankar among others. The film’s cinematography part was done by Sudhakar S. Raj. The soundtrack and film score are formed by Arjun Janya. Tremendously anticipated Mukunda Murari, highlighting two major heroes Upendra and Sudeep, has been hit the theaters on 28 October. Earlier makers planned to release the movie on the starting month of October but it was postponed to maintain a strategic distance from conflict with a couple of Kannada movies that are running successfully. Exclusive Mukunda Murari Movie Review Rating read from our site.

Mukunda Murari Movie Public Talk

Only in Karnataka, Mukunda Murari has released in more than 200 screens. Movie is to conflict with Yash and Radhika Pandit’s greatly hyped film Santhu Straight Forward, which is likewise prone to have its release. Aside from this movie, it will bolt horns with few other Non Kannada movies, including Tamil movie Kodi and Karthi’s Kashmora.

Mukunda Murari Movie Review Rating : 3/5

Mukunda Murari Yogi Movie Cast & Crew
Movie Mukunda Murari
Directed by Nanda Kishore
Produced by M.N. Kumar
B. Jayashree Devi
Story by Umesh Shukla
Based on OMG – Oh My God!
Kanji Virrudh Kanji
Starring pendra
Ishita Vyas
Nikita Thukral
P. Ravi Shankar
Music by Arjun Janya
Cinematography by Sudhakar S. Raj
Editing by K. M. Prakash
MNK Movies
Kichcha Creations
Jayashreedevi Productions
Release dates
28 October 2016
Language Kannada
Mukunda Murari Movie Story

Upendra plays a role of middle-class atheist Hindu who claims a shop of Hindu idols and collectibles in Chor Bazaar, Bengaluru. One fine day Ravishankar P curses him when he objected his child from playing dahi handi. A low-power earthquake hits the city, and Only Upendra’s shop gets devastated. Following day when Upendra and his neighbor-aide Tabla Nani approach insurance office, they discover that the disaster assert does not cover any damage brought about by natural disasters characterized under Act of God. Lack of other choices, Upendra chooses to file a lawsuit against God yet neglects to discover a legal lawyer for such a lawsuit. How Upendra prevail to win the case against the God with the help offered by Sudeep remains the next part of the story. Check Mukunda Murari Movie Review Rating from our site.

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