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Naani Kannada Movie Review: Naani is a Kannada film slated to release on 1 July 2016. The fiction and horror Kannada flick Naani is directed by Raghavendra K Gollahalli. It is produced by Ramesh Kumar Jain. VJ turned actress Priyanka Rao and Manish will be seen as the main lead in the film. The film Naani depends on a real occurrence of a death of test tube baby in Gujarat in the year 1997, who lived up to 13 years and died due to fire accident. The parents flew back to London after the passing of the Test Tube Baby. After the baby’s death, neighbors of the family feel the 22 room Bungalow, transformed into a haunted house where one can feel the of the sprite of the dead young girl. Baby Suhasini who has won state award for the movie Bannada Kode played the role of Test Tube Baby. Suhasini Maniratnam and Jai Jagadish played the roles of Naani parents. Watch Naani Kannada Movie Review Rating Public Talk here on our site.

Naani Kannada Movie Review Rating

Naani Kannada Movie Review
Naani Kannada Movie Review

The crew if the film made a contact a contact with parents to get permission of making the film based on their baby’s life. The couple gave their green signal and soon picture moved on to sets. Film makers done a ton of exploration for the film and made a trip to different areas to include more valid information. Know Naani Kannada Movie Review.

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It is a real incident occurred in Gujarat. The film unit have flown out to numerous spots in and around the place where the incident had happened and have accumulated lot of information. The makers are likewise said to have reached the couple who are now living in UK, to get the photo of the incident. Look at Naani Kannada Movie First Day Collections.

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Movie Naani
Director Raghavendra K Gollahalli
Producer Ramesh Kumar Jain
Writer BA Madhu
Genre Horror Thriller
Star cast Baby Suhasini, Priyanka Rao, Manish, Suhasini Manirathnam, Jai Jagdish
Release Date July 1, 2016
Language Kannada

Naani Kannada Movie Story

Film Maker Ramesh Kumar Jain and Director Ragahvendra have chosen to make the film nearly to the genuine real incident without misrepresenting the same. BA Madhu has written dialogues for the film. Baby Suhasini who got popularity from ‘Bannada Kode’ played the character of 13-year-old test tube child. Bandhana parallel lead pair Suhasini Maniratnam and Jai Jagdish will be seen in the roles of the couple who had returned from London. The pair will play the parents characters to the 13 year old test tube child. Know Naani Kannada Movie Box Office Collections.

Naani is an Adventurous Thriller, the film takes a fascinating turn after the child passes away (dies) in a fire incident. The big 22-room bungalow was said to be locked after the death of the infant and it is likewise rumored that the child’s spirit is as yet meandering at the Palace by the near by residents. The Naani Movie focus on these incidents. VJ turned on-screen characters Manish and Priyanka Rao have been restricted into assume the lead parts. Hope this emerges as a remarkable attempt in catching real life incidents. Finally it is Adventurous Horror Thriller that can be watched by all.

Naani Kannada Movie Review & Rating : /5

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