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Nee Jathaleka Movie Review

Tollywood Latest Film Nee Jatha Leka has been released on 30th September 2016. This movie is directed by Lawerence Dasari and is being delivered by G.V.Chowdhary. The film features Naga Shourya and Parul Gulati as male and female lead actors. Parul Gulati, who is known for her acting abilities in both Punjabi and Hindi Film Industry on Silver Screen and Small Screen has made her Telugu debut with this film. Now let’s check out Nee Jathaleka Movie Review Rating Story and Nee Jathaleka Movie Public Talk Box Office Collections.

Nee Jathaleka Movie Review Rating

Nee Jathaleka Movie Review
Nee Jathaleka Movie Review

After delivering super hit film, Jo Achyutananda Naga Shourya is to receive another hit through Nee Jathaleka Movie. Parul has entered Telugu Film Industry through this film and you all aware of Naga Shourya from Oohalu Gusagusalade. Nee Jathaleka Film is to compete with the film Hyper starring Hero Ram. The film Nee Jathaleka has good content in it and can sustain the competition well. Here you can check Nee Jathaleka Movie Review Rating to know how the new actress performed in this flick.

Nee Jathaleka Movie Public Talk

The Movie Nee Jatha Leka is candidly an emotional suspense film which is based on the romantic tale of Shaurya and Parul. The film’s soundtrack and tunes are getting a noteworthy reaction. This movie is particularly anticipated by the audience as they are going to see the newcomer like Parul acting on screen. Naga Shourya who received flop with Oka Manasu Film got back into a track with Jo Achyutananda starring Regina and Nara Rohit besides Shourya. Now The Actor is to deliver back to back hit films with the success of Nee Jathaleka Movie. Check Out Nee Jathaleka Movie Review here.

On the whole Nee Jathaleka Movie is receiving excellent views from the audience. All the people liked Naga Shourya performance and expressed their positiveness towards Parul Action. The Nee Jathaleka Movie Box Office Collections seems to be quite noteworthy. Lyrics of the film are given by Ram Pydisetty and Geeta Poonic.

Nee Jathaleka Movie Review & Rating : /5

Nee Jathaleka Movie Cast & Crew
Movie Nee Jathaleka
Genre Emotional Suspense Drama
Directed by Lawerence Dasari
Produced by G.V.Chowdary
Starring Naga Shourya, Parul Gulati
Music by Swaraj Jedidiah
Release dates
30 September 2016
Language Telugu
Nee Jathaleka Movie Story

Nee Jathaleka Movie is an Emotional Suspense Thriller featuring Naga Shourya and Punjabi actress Parul Gulati. G.V.Chowdary has directed this film with a different view. Swaraj music apt as per the situation. The suspense elements in the movie will keep you guessing what may happen next. The movie also brings some comedy portions. The couple on-screen Shourya and Parul are good to watch together. The movie might receive positive talk.

Nee Jathaleka Movie Public Talk Video


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