Neer Dose Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections

Neer Dose Movie Review

New Kannada film Neer Dose has been released today. It is Written and Directed by Vijaya Prasad. The Film features Jaggesh and Hariprriya as the main leads. The supporting cast includes Suman Ranganathan and H. G. Dattatreya.

Ashu Bedra produced this flick and the film is supported by the technical team of Director’s previous film Sidlingu. Check Out the Latest Kannada Movie Review ie., Neer Dose Movie Review Rating Story Public Talk 1st Day Collections.

Neer Dose Movie Review Rating

 Neer Dose Movie Review

Neer Dose Movie Review

The film Neer Dose has received A certificate with no cuts. It has hit the big screen this week in the event of Ganesha Festival. Director Vijaya Prasad has struggled for three years to get his movie released. Neer Dose Movie was being postponed for different reasons. Finally, the film made its release on 2nd September 2016. The director is very happy that his movie is being released and it not that easy to wait for so long. Check Neer Dose Movie Review Rating Box Office Collections.

To complete the film Neer Dose the entire cast took over four years to release the movie due to some unfortunate reasons. As per director, Ramya was his first option to play the female lead character. After signing the project, she even took part in the first shooting schedule before going out of the movie. Later she remained in full-time politics. Them the film makers again started the shooting after signing up with Haripriya. Makers of the film finally finished the movie in March 2016.

Neer Dose Movie Public Talk

He can relate his struggle to Neer Dose’s tagline- thalme, mouna, sahane dourbalyavalla, adu astra which signifies, nothing can be considered as a weakness if you take it up as a weapon. The trailer and music have reached well into the audience with 19 lakh views in Social Media. The film has made it release in 120 theaters. This flick will stand among the six movies on the silver screens amid the Ganesha festival celebration. The director has taken the film in a good way and portrayed all the characters well.

Neer Dose Movie Review & Rating : 3/5
Movie Neer Dose
Directed by Vijaya Prasad
Produced by P Prassanna Srinivas and Shashikala Balaji
Written by Vijaya Prasad
Based on Mouna Guru
By Santha Kumar
Starring Jaggesh
Suman Ranganathan
H.G. Dattatreya
Music by Anoop Seelin
Cinematography Sugnaan
Edited by Suresh Urs
Skkandda Entertainment
Release dates
2 September 2016
Language Kannada
Neer Dose Movie Story

Neer Dose is a Kannada film highlighting Jaggesh and Hariprriya in the main characters. Suman Ranganathan and H. G. Dattatreya has given their best performance in supporting roles. After a much wait finally, the movie is running successfully with positive talk. The movie can be watched by family members. Each and every character has importance in the film and it shows how the director took care of everything. Film has Love, Emotions, Feelings and finally Neer Dose is a feel good movie.

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