Nitish & Alliance Announces List Of 242 For Bihar Elections

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday reported a list of 242 contestants of the ‘Great Alliance’ for the upcoming general elections.

“We have insisted to guarantee representation of all groups of the general public. We set aside our opportunity to choose the applicants. Everyone, even Laluji concurred that I ought to declare the applicants reports. There are no grievances inside of the cooperation. We need to make it clear that advancement is our greatest motto for the surveys,” Nitish Kumar stated in an interview.

Bihar general elections candidates list released

Nitish answered when media asked about the 21st position awarded for Bihar he responded saying, it’s a deliberate attempt to show Bihar in poor light. Taunting out at BJP and RSS, he blamed these parties are against reservations and said the RSS, which was the ideological guide for BJP, was seeking to launch an “extra -constitutional” body to survey reservations.

It is clear that he (Mohan Bhagwat) exclaims the present reservation policy is not right and are in need of other system. While spelling out excerpts of the RSS chief’s interview to RSS voice ‘Organiser’ and ‘Panchjanya’. Scrutinizing BJP’s stand on reservation, he said whatever the decision party may say it can’t conflict with the perspectives of the RSS. BJP has an administration at the Centre, which has more than once guaranteed that they are pleased to be Swayamsevaks.

RSS intention is final. Whatever BJP may react, it stays no chance. Like anything is chosen by the Constitutional seat of the Supreme Court, its stands as final and nothing stands beyond that. The same path is chosen by RSS, if RSS chief expresses his intent BJP has got nothing to say.

The BJP is a political outfit of RSS and Swayamsevaks and pracharaks are a piece of this administration. Whatever Bhagwat has said is last and there is no other thought, he said, accusing the BJP of being against reservations.

The Bihar Chief Minister said advancement will be the principle survey board of the organization together and took a burrow at the NDA coalition where contrasts among cooperation accomplices were out in the open. It is an inward matter of BJP and we don’t have anything to say on this. Individuals are viewing BJP’s legislative issues and will give an answer, Nitish stated.