Pawan Kalyan Consoles His Fan Vinod Royal Family At Tirupathi Exclusive Video

Pawan Kalyan Consoles His Fan Vinod Royal Family Exclusive Video

Pawan Kalyan who is one of the famous Indian actor, director, producer, writer and politician are now moving to holy city Tirupathi to console the parents of Vinod Royal. The family members of Vinod Royal were in a big shock on hearing the death of his son. Vinod Royal was a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. He visited an event last week that took place in Karnataka. During the event, there was a conflict between two big hero’s fans. In that incident, Vinod got murdered. All this took place at Kolar in Karnataka before three days.

Pawan Kalyan Consoles Vinod Royal Family Video

Vinod Royal got murdered in an event that took place on Tuesday that is 23rd August 2016. Vinod who was a big fan of Pawan Kalyan had participated in organ donation which is held at Kolar. On doing this he raised slogans naming Pawan Kalyan. This made the fan of other hero anger and led to a huge fight between Vinod and the other person Sunil. All the members in the event asked the two to stop the fight. It was finished that moment but later they both met night at a hotel. Sunil with his friend Akshay Kumar injured Vinod which moved to death.
On seeing this dreadful incident Pawan Kalyan showed his desperation towards Vinod and asked the fans to keep peace and preserve tranquillity with another fan.

Pawan Kalyan Consoles Vinod Family At Tirupathi Video


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