Old Age Home Lady Talking About Pawan Kalyan in Manchu Lakshmi Memu Saitham Full Video

Everybody is familiar with proverb “If we do any help with one hand it must not be know to the other hand.” Pawan kalyan is tailing this formula. At present day life, everybody is habituated to burst out whatever the good deed or help they have done. But coming to Film Star Pawan kalyan, he helped to many people and didn’t let know anybody. Pawan kalyan is the real human who attempts to give all his earnings to needy people. He didn’t need any publicity as well. Coming to the matter Memu Saitham system is presently drifting in Tv channels. An old woman went to the show and said in regards to Pawan kalyan. Being a teacher in Khammam, she is running a old age home named Jesus. After her retirement she is completely went into stress on how to run the old age home.

Old Age Home Lady Talking About Pawan Kalyan Help Video

On listening to someone she came to Hyderabad and remained at Pawan kalyan gate. Pawan Kalyan Wife saw her and informed him about the old lady standing at the closed door. Pawan kalyan took her to his office in his own vehicle. He listened all her problems and offered coffee to her. He even offered her lunch with fish curry.

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Noticing her frightening look, Pawan kalyan said ‘why are you frightening ,I’m your son and you are my mother, you may go ahead’. After her lunch he deposited one lakh rupees in her bank account furthermore gave 10000 rupees to her hand. This story is before 4-5 years and everybody looked at her interestingly while she was narrating it.

As soon as she said the story there were tears moving down from the eyes of Manchu Lakshmi and Suma who was the chief visitor. This highlights that Pawan kalyan is not only a legendary On Screen Hero as well as he is Off Screen Hero too.

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