PM Modi To Address India-US Startup Founders At Silicon Valley

Prime Minister ‘Narendra Modi’ to direct establishers of startups, entrepreneurs and technology chiefs during his visit to Silicon Valley in US on 27th September. IT industry representative structure Nasscom in a statement mentioned that on day long event of Indian Prime Minister to Silicon Valley visit is to spotlight 30 startup Indian capability innovations over multiple sectors across the country.

Modi to address startup founds at Silicon Valley

The ‘India-US Startup Konnect 2015’ will illustrate Indian strength of startup ecosystem which will be organized by Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) and the Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad’s (IIM-A) business incubator Centre for Innovation. Modi before addressing the gathering is to sign TiE Silicon Valley agreement to initiate startup exchange and collaboration programme said Nasscom president R. Chandrashekhar. Together to build escalade innovation, CIIE is also to sign an agreement with academic and corporate partners for India with financial assist and alliance.

Chandrashekhar said that with clarion call Modi highlighted entrepreneurship and job erection through announcing incentives for organizations that produce employment and initiate bank financing for startups by destitute. Later CIIE chief executive Kunal Upadhyay said, these startups are representing development of changing India apart from creating solution to urban consumers. Innovators can use maximum advantage in technology with their ability experience to invent enormous impact by solving critical problems. Indian startups exhibition event will showcase their solutions and products in different areas like energy, healthcare, aerospace, agriculture and technology.