Posani Krishna Murali V.Hanumantha Rao Fight In TV5 Channel Full Video Watch Online

Posani Krishna Murali Fight In TV 5 Live Watch 

Here we bring you the latest trending Nows from the Telugu news Channel TV5 for all the viewers. Recently there has been a Live Show at TV-5 which turned into a big fight between prominent film artist and a politician. Posani Krishna murali and Congress leader V.Hanumantha Rao fought in the live telecast. This debate took place when senior journalist Sambasiva Rao is anchoring the show on the Kashmir-Surgical strikes and Modi govt. Posani, who earned the unquestionable fame with ‘Mental Krishna’ with his evil thoughts and comments, kept running into a similarly well-known government politician with more are less same attributes. Passing by the clippings available on online Social Media, Posani can’t be faulted here. CPI Leader Narayana and another Govt Politician renowned for his witticism was the witness. Watch Posani Krishna Murali V.Hanumantha Rao Fight in TV5 Channel Full Video Online from our site.

Posani Krishna Murali Live Fighting Video Online Watch

Posani censured Narayana first by recalling the Communist government’s affirmed abusive strategies against farmers in Singur. Supporting the strikes against terrorists in PoK, Posani tried to bring up the matter of how a Prime Minister, who is dealing with this ‘huge nation’, can keep calm over the misfortune attacks of Pakistan.VH, a staunch Congressman, raised an objection when Posani made it clear that Prime Minister Modi is the fair government politician in the contemporary legislative issues. Passing by the heated debate, Posani had told the anchor that he was not prepared for to continue the debate. Look at Posani And VH Live Fighting Video In TV-5.

Posani and VH Fight In Tv5 Live Full Video

“I had let you know (Sambasiva Rao) before appearing in the show that I would prefer not to turn to let a dog fight. We are not mutts to fight. We are human beings. If I talk you need to quiet down and if you talk, I will be closing my mouth. I have a strategy on this.” VH interrupted him by requesting that he quit praising PM Modi.

Posani Vs V Hanumanthu Rao Fight Video At TV 5 Studio

Posani is not a man to take rubbish from others. He immediately reproached VH for his objection to air his opinion on Narendra Modi. “aay… nuvvu yekkuva maatlaadutunnav (hello, you are talking too much),” Later VH raised debate in the Telugu Language. Posani took it seriously and yelled something big. In the clamor, nothing was capable of being heard except for them two, who were seen menacingly rushing towards each other. Posani said and approaches towards VH saying “Nee yamma… ,”even as the anchor tried his best to stop an embarrassing minute.


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